Dieter Klaus Schumann

Gangrel elder and long-time ally


In their former lives as Gangrel elder and her mad wizard-ghoul, Morgan and Joshua had an understanding about Dieter. Old, one of the eldest vampires they both knew reasonably well. Incredibly tough and powerful, experienced in a fight. And also a bit remote, distant, more the animate corpse than something…human. That understanding has been shaken as the vampires are changing. Whether this change will end with living beings, some new form of vampire, or as casualties of the war remains to be seen.


Dieter was Morgan’s adoptive ‘sire,’ although blood siblings would have been more accurate. Marius knows at least a little of those times, but he’s gotten to know Dieter as the Ventrue elder Nadia’s companion. As the ghoul-mage, Joshua earned Dieter’s respect as he grew from a studious, but vengeful Hermetic, into a peerless vampire hunter, a tough, fast killer — perhaps not unlike Dieter himself.

Dieter joined Nadia in some of Morgan and Joshua’s battles, settling his personal scores in the Ascension War…battles few others among the Gangrel experienced, or even knew about at the time.

In the years since that time, in spite of the changes Morgan and Joshua have endured, Dieter has nevertheless remained the best of friends with them. They may have changed names, even their own natures somewhat, but they are essentially (hopefully) the same people. So, the elder vampires listened, at least to Morgan’s interpretation of Joshua’s mad ranting at least. Elder vampires plan well, and they planned well for Gehenna.

What Nadia and Dieter couldn’t possibly plan for are the changes now affecting them, likely the entire Cainite race — that is, if ‘Cainite’ is still a meaningful term. Not knowing what to make of this, Marius no longer calls them Cainites; just vampires. But he is convinced that vampires will endure, changed perhaps, as the Consensus shifts and establishes a new norm, shaped by the Sleepers’ awareness of vampires (thanks to the broken Masquerade).

As the blood ties wane and the curse of undeath shifts, Nadia and Dieter have joined the crew of the Defiant, to seek their fortune — or Final Death — in the company of friends, rather than sit and wait for it to come to them.

Dieter Klaus Schumann

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