Dr. Cynthia Olaafson

Iteration X bio-mechanic


Dr. Olaafson is a serious-minded individual, owing in part, no doubt, to the cybernetics issued to many Iterators. Not much for front-line combat, she prefers to hang back and supervise the two squads of soldiers she’s brought on board. She’s more often found with tools in hand, performing the maintenance (delicate and otherwise) on her experimental, cybernetically enhanced veteran soldiers.


A skilled medical doctor with an interest in the man-machine interface, Dr. Olaafson’s specialty among the Iterators was bridging that gap in the mundane world — pushing the boundaries of the Consensus. Her skill set was not ideal for the Technocracy’s mission into the Deep Umbra to challenge the Nephandi that had apparently usurped the COP.

She did, however, offer her services to the mages of Seattle, once a proper truce had been established. And, she did offer her services to Morgaine and the crew of the Defiant, along with the soldiers she had been working with. One squad consisted of crippled war veterans, volunteers for the doctor’s experimental program to restore them to full function, designated CESTF-16 (Cybernetically Enhanced Special Task Force).

The second squad is a support crew, mostly mundane and intact soldiers, although they also bring a Navy Corpsman, “Doc” (of course) Danny Brown, with a medical or ‘patch’ kit possibly upgraded by the Void Engineers.

Dr. Olaafson’s warfighters sported a variety of cybernetics, from replacement limbs to supplementary computers for damaged brains. Perhaps in an earlier time, they would have made better candidates for housing HIT Marks. Now, as the Consensus has shifted dramatically under the feet of the Technocrats left behind on Earth, those few scientists push the envelope of Paradox, out of necessity.

Still, Dr. Olaafson’s cyber-squad suffered lingering pain from their experimental cybernetics, to the point of becoming borderline suicidal. Despite the pain and suffering of their Paradox-inducing enhancements, the soldiers volunteered for this treatment, perhaps in the hopes of being able to do their old jobs as warfighters. In the end, none of the doctor’s test subjects survived the cabal’s trip into the depths of the earth and beyond — only two soldiers came back, and they were support crew (Navy Corpsman Danny Brown, and PFC Paul Fowler).

Dr. Cynthia Olaafson

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