Virtual Adept, Cypherpunk, introverted coder


Nature: Conformist; Demeanor: Perfectionist; Essence: Pattern

Str 2, Dex 3, Sta 3
Cha 2, Man 2, App 2
Per 3, Int 4, Wit 3

Alertness 2, Athletics 0, Awareness 3, Brawl 0, Dodge 2, Expression 2, Intimidation 0, Leadership 0, Streetwise 0, Subterfuge 1
Crafts 2, Drive 1, Etiquette 0, Firearms 2, Meditation 1, Melee 0, Performance 0, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Technology 3
Academics 2, Computer 3, Cosmology 2, Enigmas 2, Investigation 0, Law 0, Linguistics 1 (Ciphers), Medicine 0, Occult 2, Science 3

Correspondence 3, Entropy 2, Forces 2
Life 0, Matter 2, Mind 1
Prime 2, Spirit 1, Time 1

Arcane 2, Avatar 3, Library 2, Mentor 3, Resources 2, Wonders 1
Arete 4, Quintessence 4, Paradox 0, Willpower 7
Resonance: (Dynamic) Overheated 2


Firewall is a shy and painfully quiet student of Geist’s. Although he has risen to a leadership role in Seattle and in the Virtual Adepts, if not the Traditions in general, Firewall seems content to remain in his shadow, safely out of sight. She’s much more at home behind a monitor than talking to actual people, face to face.

The apocalypse has made things very difficult for her…but it makes her work that much harder to keep in touch with someone, anyone. Consequently, the Virtual Adepts’ plans for supplementing the broken internet with ‘packet radio’ were of great interest to Firewall, and she did not hesitate to encourage the Sleepers to make use of the same technology, as it’s quite mundane. From behind the scenes, Firewall has quietly helped to build a packet radio communications network, keeping some of the as-yet civilized world in touch.

Common foci: computers, cell phone (Wonder), internet access, programs and ready-built subroutines and Rotes.

Wonder: a cell/satellite phone that always works, anywhere on Earth. Opposing magick can shut down its network access; otherwise, it’s built to find a way. If there’s power.


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