Virtual Adept, Cypherpunk, anti-hacker


Nature: Celebrant; Demeanor: Competitor; Essence: Pattern

Str 2, Dex 2, Sta 2
Cha 3, Man 3, App 2
Per 3, Int 5 (Creative), Wit 4

Alertness 2, Athletics 0, Awareness 2, Brawl 1, Dodge 2, Expression 2, Intimidation 0, Leadership 2, Streetwise 0, Subterfuge 1
Crafts 0, Drive 2, Etiquette 2, Firearms 1, Meditation 1, Melee 0, Performance 0, Stealth 0, Survival 0, Technology 3
Academics 2, Computer 4, Cosmology 1, Enigmas 3, Investigation 2, Law 2, Linguistics 0, Medicine 0, Occult 2, Science 2

Correspondence 4, Entropy 2, Forces 4
Life 0, Matter 3, Mind 3
Prime 2, Spirit 0, Time 0

Allies 2, Arcane 4, Avatar 2, Contacts 2, Library 2, Resources 3
Arete 5, Quintessence 7, Paradox 0, Willpower 8
Resonance: (Static) Focused 3


Geist was a ‘good’ or ‘white hat’ type of hacker, who enjoyed his work in the employ of Nadia, a Ventrue elder for whom Morgan also worked back in her Gangrel nights. Snapped up and held jealously close, he was nearly ghouled to ensure his already loyal mindset. But he was Awakened by accident, while trying to help Dr. Carlisle crack a Technocracy outpost in Germany. Geist loves a challenge, and attacks problems relentlessly. He wasn’t afraid of taking on forces beyond his pay grade, like the Technos, and he remains cautious but unflappable. Nothing is impossible. It just takes time, effort, and a sufficient supply of pizza.

Dur to his long-time presence in the earth-bound chantry, Geist is considered one of its senior mages and a leader. Although other, more powerful mages have come and gone (like Terpsichore, or Dr. Asimov), no one dismisses Geist’s advice.

After the bomb fell on the city and the Technocrats were sent packing, Geist was instrumental in keeping things that way. While others wandered off in search of new battles, he helped to fortify the Traditions’ little island of territory, providing an example to various rabble-rousers looking to kick some Techno ass. And in time, when the Technocracy began to see reason about the threats mankind faced, it was in Seattle that an alliance between the Techno-crats and techno-mages was formed. Politics on the Tradition Council got a lot more interesting, with the bloc of triumphant Virtual Adepts and Sons of Ether, combined with the chastened remnants of the monolith.

Geist still gets pizza delivered, though. Even with the world in disarray and its population decimated, he still took pains to find a pizzeria in a safe neighborhood, and stockpiled it with supplies and people to make it, just so that he could continue to indulge. So long as the canned goods hold out.

Geist’s Avatar takes the form of a fractal screen saver that appears when he needs focus or direction. It communicates indirectly, through insight and intuition.

Common foci: computers, networks, special software, hacking “rituals”, surveillance gear


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