Wolf-born, Spirit-strong



In his breed form, Ghost is a lanky wolf with almost luminous white fur and bright yellow eyes. He’s comfortable in his wolf skin (fur), more cheerful than haunted or sickly, and the Wyrmish scarification that used to mar his hide has been healed.

In his homid form, Ghost is middle aged, still gaunt and pale, and his speech and mannerisms are still rough around the edges from a lifetime spent mostly as a wolf, and as a Black Spiral, living with madmen (and as one, more or less). Regardless of his form he is well acquainted with suffering and pain, as much giving as taking. Especially taking.


An elder (Rank 4) of the now destroyed Black Spiral Dancer tribe, the Lupus Theurge was the foul product of captured Dancer Kin-wolves, penned up in a subterranean Pit and used as breeding stock, if not violated just for fun. Ghost-Shadow bred true, so to speak; he was a lanky wolf with almost luminous white fur, haunted, sickly yellow eyes that would glow in the slightest gleam of light, his hide scarred with mystical, Wyrmish symbols (a constant reminder of his Burning Scars Gift).

Wolf-born with a strong connection to the spirit world, Ghost-Shadow fought and bargained for the favor of Banes and pack totems, surviving where packmates (and whole packs) fell in battle. He survived for several decades, and impressive feat for a Black Spiral. He looked to be in his early forties, in his Homid shape. As a human he was ever pallid, thin, with well defined muscles and scarcely an ounce of fat on his spare frame, carrying himself through battle with the brawler’s familiarity with suffering and pain.

His connection to the spirits alerted him to the Dark Father’s treachery, but Ghost-Shadow was not surprised; the Wyrm is a fickle, mad master. Still, with no intention of dying at the hands of the corrupted Silver Fangs, he called on chiminage-enforced bonds and cowed some few, lesser Banes into service, fleeing from his Hive, from his doomed tribe and its killers/replacements.

Ghost-Shadow’s quest for revenge led him to Morgan and Joshua, interrupting their travels with news about the Silver Fangs and the Wyrm’s plans to send Banes to possess will-workers, stopping them from allying with any Gaian Garou. In fact, before his defection, Ghost was given the duty of engineering Joshua’s own Bane possession, which led him to them. Although he expected to be killed on the spot, for some odd reason the Marauder never got around to killing off the Black Spiral, instead allowing the werewolf to accompany them as they sought out the means to stop the Silver Fangs’ downfall. And they did, at least in part — killing the last, greatest of the Spirals, who had killed the Silver Fang king. It was there, in turning the Fangs from their ill fated path, that they earned deed names among the spirits, and in time among the Garou.

Still, Ghost-Shadow survived as one of the last Black Spiral Dancers, curiously becoming an adviser and friend to Morgan, or Whiptongue as she was called by the Lupines. Although he never lost his perspective as a creature of the Wyrm and scoffed at Gaian ways, he respected her and the Wyld-wizard, however grudging that respect may have been. In the wake of Morgan’s resurrection he aided her in rescuing Joshua from the Paradox backlash that ensued. Given one last chance to serve Father Wyrm, Ghost-Shadow had the opportunity to slay Morgan when she was alone, and vulnerable…but one last time, he chose to spite his dark father, and instead chose a terrible path of redemption in Erebus.

Some months later now, Ghost’s reappearance is still liable to come as a shock — but it may be that, like with many other communities, mundane and supernatural alike, what’s left of the Garou Nation will have to make do with what it has.


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