Glorious Feldspar Hammer

Warrior General of the Jadeborn


A dashing young warrior prince of his kind, the Feldspar Hammer is a glorious vision of humanity at perfection, even beyond that. With pale skin like polished alabaster and hair and armor to match, he is a vision in white. The Hammer smiles and laughs easily, and is known to be as lighthearted as he is boastful. He might seem unpretentious at best, lowbrow at worst.


The cabal first encountered the Glorious Feldspar Hammer as a foe, an obstacle on their path into the subterranean depths of the mountain folk city of Teffa. The Hammer and his army of clockwork soldiers barred the cabal’s path to the Jadeborn tunnel cars, which they’d intended to use to reach the capital city of Urvar.

Although Marius wanted to fight, Morgaine answered the Hammer’s insolence (as their ally Beryl saw it) with a challenge of single combat. Of course, the brash Jadeborn prince couldn’t pass up the opportunity, as he saw it, to vanquish some pretender-Exalted, out to destroy their capital city. Naturally, things did not turn out as he might have hoped.

The Hammer fought well, but his namesake weapon shattered against Morgaine’s, and she bested him. Still, he shrugged off the defeat and provided what assistance he could in soldiers, Jadeborn technology, and ultimately by coming to their rescue in Urvar — not that the cabal desperately needed it, but even so!

Glorious Feldspar Hammer

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