House Diedne

Alpha testers for Morgan's dream


A scattered mess of mages ranging from raw Disciples to some skill, hedge wizards (linear mages, or sorcerers to put it more kindly), and consor hangers-on, gathered from all over the United States by their respective Traditions and rallying around the Verbena Council representative, Hector de XangĂ´.

The prospects for House Diedne are lean, unwashed, but tough, having survived quite a bit just to get this far. Not afraid to brandish a gun or their foci, inspired by the example of Morgan and Joshua and the Rogue Council, they look ready to unleash their spellwork against the enemies of Ascension. Paradox be damned.

While finding most of the Diedne curious and at times entertaining, in the end Morgaine decided it was best that they go to Glastonbury Tor and aid the growing Awakened presence being gathered there by the surviving, resident Verbena. That is, all but one; Marius’ would-be assassin, Sebastian Chase, was kept with the Defiant and its crew. Although his place on the ship was acquired through distrust (both from the other Diedne and from Marius himself), it’s arguably either a challenge worthy of a true Tytalan disciple, or a death sentence.


The Verbena:

Shayna Taylor, a graceful dancer and shapeshifter, fascinated by the stories of Morgan’s former shape-changing Clan
Bryce Hawkins, an Ogham rune-crafter, diviner and twister of fate
Kiara Magee, a passionate believer in the Goddess, a Moon-Seeker neo-pagan
Dayvia Rayne, a follower of the Old Faith hoping to get closer to its ancient roots through someone who was there in ancient times
Aileen, Hayley, and Riona Dawnsong, a family of hedge witches following old Paths of ‘linear’ magic set down long ago by the Gardeners of the Tree

The Hermetics:

Sebastian Chase, chaos mage, wielder of sloppy Hermeticism and would-be assassin
Hilliard Fisher, a British Misker calling on the ancient fae charms and illusions of the Merinita, owner of a pet salamander — is it smoldering?
Lupita Madril, an unusual wizard known primarily for her talent in turning into a wolf
The Zelatori: Kamal Jefferson, an alchemist and eager student of Joshua’s alchemical exploits; Leta Towne, an ice-wielding sorcerer; Cypress Goodrich, a worker of herbal sorcery rather than alchemy; and Zoe Cottingham, a somewhat paranoid student of counterspells and wards

The custos: a mix of Verbena and Hermetic followers, acolytes and friends; Liyah Dunson, Phoebe Corella, Zach Ostmeyer, Noah Frazier, and Johnny Geyer.

House Diedne

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