Marius Redoak

aka Marius Schachter or Joshua Mayworth, Left Hand of the Diedne, Scarred-Arm, the Hate-Scarred


Essence: Questing; Nature: Loner; Demeanor: Survivor

Str 4 (Reserves of Strength); Dex 4 (Feline Grace); Stamina 4 (Tough as Nails)
Cha 2; Man 3; App 2
Per 5 (Insightful); Int 4(6) (Creative); Wits 4 (Cunning)

Alertness 4 (Ambushes); Athletics 2; Awareness 4 (Effects); Brawl 3; Dodge 3; Expression 2; Intimidation 3; Leadership 2; Streetwise 1; Subterfuge 3
Crafts 3 (Brewing); Drive 2; Etiquette 2; Firearms 3; Meditation 3; Melee 4 (Swords); Performance 0; Stealth 3; Survival 2; Animal Ken 3
Academics 3; Computer 0; Cosmology 4; Enigmas 3; Investigation 1; Law 0; Linguistics 5 (Written Expression); Medicine 0; Occult 5 (Vampires); Science 0

Secondary Abilities: Enochian 5; Intuition 4 (Trouble); Alchemy 4

Arcane 3; Avatar 5; Contacts 3; Destiny 4; Dream 3; Library 4; Node 3; Sanctum 3

Arete 8, Willpower 10

Correspondence 3, Entropy 3, Forces 5* (lightning)
Life 5* (healing), Matter 4 (transmutation), Mind 4* (defense)
Prime 6* (enchantment), Spirit 5* (Umbral travel), Time 4* (temporal manipulation)

Resonance: (Dynamic) Electric 3; (Entropic) Destructive 2; (Static) Intense 1

Foci: Books and spells, circles of power, crystals and stones, the elements and their traditional powers, the Seal of Solomon, the Enochian language and other forgotten tongues, numerology and alchemy, his Hermetic sigil (wand). He also dabbles in traditional Verbena foci, through plants and herbalism, and taking animals’ qualities and forms through sympathetic magick.
Specialty foci (difficulty mod. -1): Correspondence – Enochian; Entropy – Showstone; Forces – Seal of Solomon; Life – Enochian; Matter – Enochian; Mind – Showstone; Prime – Seal of Solomon; Spirit – Circles of protection and summoning; Time – Showstone. The Showstone is a star sapphire, and a unique focus (difficulty mod. -2).

Merits/Flaws: Linguistics Aptitude; True Love; Code of Honor; Manifest Avatar; Twin Souls; Stormwarden (5pt); Short Fuse; Vengeful

Amulet: Mummy Hekau path-empowered amulet; +2 Intelligence while worn. Grants Joshua an Intelligence of 6, and phenomenal levels of insight, like a living encyclopedia.

Artifacts: The Charm of Cassiel. An amulet, in the form of a small gold plate hanging on a chain, the plate set with arcane symbols made of lead crystal, the entire piece alchemically enchanted to near-indestructibility. Permanently enchanted via Life 3/Prime 3/Time 3 with continuous powers, available upon command: +3 to Physical Attributes, and a Time dilation effect for effective Celerity of 6. Joshua negotiated with the archangel Umbrood Cassiel, due to his association with the planet Saturn and its spiritual correspondence with the Sphere of Time. The angelic spirit also supports the Better Body Life effect, not out of any particular magickal correspondence, but out of sheer arrogance — not wishing to share the artifact with another of its kind.


Marius Redoak

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