Nadia Aleksandrovna Savrasova

Ventrue elder and long-time ally


Nadia may be soft-spoken and petite, possessed of a somewhat alien, perilous beauty, but Marius has never considered her the least bit fragile…at least, not until now. As the apocalypse drags on, the vampire race is changing, and it’s unclear where they will end up. Now, these elders long accustomed to the cold, pale complexion of centuries of unlife and withered Humanity are showing signs of life.


An elder of the Ventrue Clan, Nadia Aleksandrovna Savrasova was the one Cainite after Morgan that Joshua trusted implicitly, once upon a time. A patron of sorts to the Gangrel Morgan, Nadia was one of a few who knew them well enough to understand their rocky, early relationship, back when Joshua was more the Wyld-wizard than he is now.

In spite of that madness, over time he and Nadia became good friends, and she and her companion, the elder Gangrel Dieter (once Morgan’s adoptive ‘sire’) went so far as to engage in Joshua’s Ascension War battles. Nadia in particular took it as a challenge to wage war with the Syndicate in the financial realm, relishing a worthy adversary.

Some years have passed since then, and now Morgaine is no longer a vampire, Marius no longer the mad archmage. But they remained friends with Nadia, Dieter and their entourage when the vampires retired to Vancouver. They had more warning than most when Gehenna was drawing nigh, and the remote estate fared far better than many others.

And yet, if the vampires have finally suffered their downfall, Marius blames himself. The slow but marked changes in the race of Cainites he considers to be his doing, thanks to the destruction of several clan founders — and the loss of those anchors of Resonance, the Mythic Threads keeping the Cainites in a stable, static form.

As the blood ties wane and the curse of undeath shifts, Nadia and Dieter have joined the crew of the Defiant, to seek their fortune — or Final Death — in the company of friends, rather than sit and wait for it to come to them.

Nadia Aleksandrovna Savrasova

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