Queen Mary Campbell

Silver Fang Queen of House Austere Howl


Mary shows her Scots heritage more than her Silver Fang ancestry: she has long, auburn hair that tumbles down her back, and a slightly rounded face with a small nose. She’s short and lean and dresses in normal, everyday human clothes at the moment, often hiding her hair under a hat or cap. In her wolf form, she’s compact and thin, with streaks of silver in her brown fur.


On the whole, Mary “Scours-the-Heather” Campbell considers taking on the leadership of House Austere Howl the worst thing she ever did. Of course, she didn’t have much choice when her father became the third king to die in as many years. The house was in a bad way already. The Defiler Wyrm had its claws deep into the senior werewolves of the house, who were joining the Silver Spiral with alarming regularity.

Mary, an inexperienced Scottish-born Ahroun with only two years of experience post First Change, did damn well at first. She rallied the loyal nobles against the corrupt ones and set about purging the house of its taint. She was close to succeeding when she found herself under attack from an unexpected source: House Gleaming Eye. The house’s obsessive hunt for Wyrm taint had led to it declaring war on Austere Howl. Eventually, with her house all but destroyed, Mary was forced to flee Edinburgh for Ireland and Silver Tara, greatest caern of the Fianna. There she petitioned aid from Ard Righ Bron Mac Fionn, and was granted it. The Fianna and surviving members of Austere Howl managed to win back the house’s Dublin caern.

However, the fae-maddened Ard Righ did not stay true to his promises. Mary was forced to flee Ireland and is now moving through Europe, trying to avoid the Silver Fangs who believe her tainted, while at the same time rallying as many Austere Howl survivors to her cause as she can. Mary, you see, has a theory. She believes that it is no co-incidence that her House was attacked just as the Black Spirals became more active in their home territory. She also thinks it is no coincidence at all that she was driven from the Edinburgh caern after the Spirals attacked several Scottish caerns belonging to the Fianna. She is convinced that a traitor within the senior ranks of Gleaming Eye has sold Austere Howl out and she wants to expose him or her and re-establish her house before the Spirals complete whatever it is they have planned. She’s prepared to die trying, too.

Perhaps the Glass Walkers, who have also faced suspicion in Europe, might be able to help. If only she can track down this Genereader woman, or even, if needs must, this Konietzko chap…

Queen Mary was forced to grow up too fast, and so is over-serious and totally focused on her mission to free her house. She has no time for small talk, which makes her a wearing traveling companion but a very efficient leader in exile. She’s demonstrated a real proficiency for mimicking new accents as she hides in Europe’s cities.

Note: after the events played out in Europe and Russia, Queen Mary has become a de facto leader of what Silver Fangs remain active in the world. Choosing from among the Austere Howl Garou she found in her travels across Europe, she forms a new pack to join the Defiant’s crew. They will be the Fangs’ initial ambassadors of sorts, as Morgan tries to build an alliance between will-workers and Garou.

In addition to Alicia and Mari Cabrah, the Queen’s Fangs on the ship are Sonia Softkiller (homid Ahroun), Sings-for-the-Beast (female lupus Galliard), Sifts the Ashes (male homid Philodox), Jacob McElvoy “Bane-Breaker” (homid Theurge), Danica Rimbaud (homid Ragabash). Their pack will go by The Daybreakers, as much a reference to hope, renewal and the dawn as their more direct role in vampire hunting.

Queen Mary Campbell

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