Sebastian Chase

Hermetic chaos magician


Originally billed as an ex-member of House Xaos (and Thig before that), Sebastian’s talents haven’t been explored yet, but then he has a reputation to rebuild. He often comes off as a bit incredulous, what with the bizarre situation he finds himself in. Seeming almost charmed — or cursed — either way, it inspires a bit of a smart mouth.


Conned into taking a shot at Marius when the Defiant visited Barstow, Sebastian dug himself quite the hole and hasn’t been able to do much about it since then. Whether it’s because he isn’t considered a threat, or as an object lesson, Marius and Morgaine chose to keep the young, unpolished Hermetic on, more or less a captive audience for their rather dangerous adventures. More at risk from the threats facing the Pillars of Heaven cabal than from Marius’ wrath, Sebastian needs to find some way out — or some way to belong — before being around these fateful heroes gets him killed.

Sebastian Chase

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