Siobhan Darrow

Former CNN reporter


Siobhan’s connection to the intrepid crew of the Defiant is a fateful encounter Morgan and Joshua had in Vienna, with a foreign correspondent for CNN, Alessio Vinci. As a local correspondent close enough to report on the disaster, Alessio Vinci was the reporter with a camera on the scene, the night the ancestral chantry in Vienna became a portal to Hell. Morgan tried to warn them, and Joshua’s demand that people open their eyes and wake up would resonate with the survivors, in time…but the mundane world was not prepared for what was coming, and the CNN crew filmed the outbreak of the apocalypse until it claimed their lives. (see the 2004-12-27 session for reference)

A former colleague with a past relationship with Vinci, Darrow sought out what little information she could find on the curious pair fleeing the Vienna chantry. While the Red Death broke out and civilization collapsed, the search became a struggle to find some answers and meaning in the apocalypse. She will find them, if she can survive long enough.

Siobhan Darrow

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