Taran mac Conall

Dreamspeaker, Pictish Warrior Shaman


Arete 7, Willpower 9

Correspondence 3, Entropy 3, Forces 4 (elements)
Life 4 (shapeshifting), Matter 3, Mind 4 (astral travel)
Prime 3, Spirit 5 (spirit dealings), Time 3

Resonance: (Entropic) Primal 3, (Static) Intense 1
Essence: Primordial


Caledonian pict 346x500

Descended from the ancient princes of Dal Riata, Taran is the essence of the Celtic Warrior-Shaman. Though he claims pure Pictish blood in his lineage, he is of no relation to the degenerate Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk of the same name. If his heritage connects him to Garou at all, it would be with the Fianna.

Originally schooled in the Dreamspeaker Tradition, Taran became a Solitary Shaman when the call of the spirits threatened to overwhelm him. He retreated to the lands of his ancestors, where he found a measure of balance in the loneliness of the moors. It was this isolation that saved him from the final act of desperation that resulted in Glasgow’s total annihilation.

Since the destruction, the spirits have clamored around him urging him to join company with the near-legendary Morgan and Joshua. To what end, the spirits have not yet told him. He simply knows that he must follow their advice.

Taran’s Totem spirit is pleased for now; whether Boar stays that way remains to be seen.

Celtic boar

Taran mac Conall

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