Virtual Adept, cyberpunk and musician


Nature: Perfectionist; Demeanor: Rebel; Essence: Dynamic

Str 2, Dex 3, Sta 3
Cha 3, Man 4, App 3
Per 4, Int 5, Wit 6

Alertness 3, Athletics 1, Awareness 3, Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Expression 3, Intimidation 1, Leadership 1, Streetwise 0, Subterfuge 2
Crafts 0, Drive 1, Etiquette 0, Firearms 3, Meditation 3, Melee 1, Performance 4 (Music), Stealth 2, Survival 1, Technology 4
Academics 1, Computer 4, Cosmology 2, Enigmas 3, Investigation 3, Law 1, Linguistics 2, Medicine 1, Occult 3, Science 3

Correspondence 4, Entropy 0, Forces 5
Life 3, Matter 2, Mind 4
Prime 4, Spirit 3, Time 0

Arcane 4, Avatar 3, Dream 3, Fame 2, Library 3, Resources 2, Wonders 3
Arete 6, Quintessence 6, Paradox 1 (permadox), Willpower 8
Resonance: (Dynamic) Melodic 3, (Static) Focused 2


Terpsichore is a gifted musician from the 1980’s cyberpunk era of the Virtual Adepts. Originally a wannabe cyberpunk herself, she “graduated” into full-on Reality Hacking. She was a pioneer in moving away from the old VA obsession with the Digital Web, although the VAs have by no means abandoned their basement dwellings and high-speed connections for the streets like her.

She lived a double life as an entertainer/DJ and sometime cyberpunk adventurer; she once had fame equal to other Electronica artists like the Chemical Brothers. In the late 90’s, she latched onto the notion of “the music of the Spheres” and moved further from the punk stylings of her youth. Sojourn Station promised to be a peaceful place to practice new theories of musical, magickal code.

To her, music is a shortcut — a mechanism she can easily manipulate — to hack the hidden code of the operating system of the universe, much like any typical coding language represents for a more standard VA hacker. From a coder’s perspective, her keyboard/deck puts out focused bursts of electromagnetic energy, affecting quantum states to achieve the desired outcome. But she doesn’t dabble in ‘hyper-mathematics.’

After Sojourn failed, Terpsichore made fast friends with Joshua as a fellow elder magician and rebel. She went in with the renegade Hermetic to build Ground Zero, and was involved with its construction. She designed the lighting and sound systems, making them not only cutting-edge but wired to let her easily interact with the system through her keyboard. This made the Ground Zero stages among the best places for her to flex her technomagickal muscles, and she did.

Terpsichore is also among the few VAs who dabble in Spirit techniques, attuning herself through music to extradimensional manifestations. She doesn’t subscribe to modern VA notions of spirit as just another kind of Forces-like energy, however. She accepts it for what it is, another layer on the hypersphere.

They drifted apart after two of their friends turned barabbi, however. Dr. Benjamin Carlisle, Joshua’s oldest surviving friend, and his wife Dame Atomika, turned on the Seattle chantry, sending the other will-workers scattering from the Carlisles’ junkyard lair that they had called home. The conflict only ended with the Doctor and Dame’s deaths, a battle that also claimed the life of Terpsichore’s young protégé, Rockstar. Joshua had suffered as well, forced to murder his friend and Gilgul Ben’s wife, but something drove Terpsichore apart from them — some lingering resentment, perhaps.

Around the time of Morgan’s resurrection, Terpsichore got involved again, this time with the engineering of the tech end of their new suits of Primium armor. She volunteered to accompany Morgan and Joshua on the Defiant, their first informal ‘crew member,’ where she spends time keeping in touch with folks worldwide and gathering data from the armor’s beta testing, more of a trial by fire. Still, there is something about Terpsichore’s attitude that may bother Morgan, her closeness to Joshua, and her use of mind-altering musical effects on the crew…

Terpsichore is a Reality Hacker. Her typical foci are her cybernetic implants, high-tech weaponry, a custom built keyboard/computer, specially designed music and code, and altered song tracks.

Wonders: an SoE-designed mental implant, permanently boosting her brain’s processing speed (Wits 6); cybernetic arm with beam emitter weapon and taser


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