The Daybreakers

A Garou war-pack, traveling with the Defiant


In addition to Alicia and Mari Cabrah, the Queen’s Fangs on the ship are Sonia Softkiller (homid Ahroun), Sings-for-the-Beast (female lupus Galliard), Sifts the Ashes (male homid Philodox), Jacob McElvoy “Bane-Breaker” (homid Theurge), Danica Rimbaud (homid Ragabash). Their pack will go by The Daybreakers, as much a reference to hope, renewal and the dawn as their more direct role in vampire and Bane hunting.

Although the Garou pack took in the wayward Alicia and Mari, the two of them stuck around on the Defiant when the majority of the pack parted ways. After spending a good deal of time with Marius and Morgaine, globe-trotting in the Defiant and making waves in the Awakened community, Morgaine’s twofold mission for them has taken them away at least for the time being. The Daybreakers are responsible for supporting the ‘war cabals’ of House Diedne and other supportive Awakened; and they’re meant to rally the rest of their tribe and perhaps the remaining Garou Nation to ally with mages, travel with them, and search for the tainted and the Bane-possessed infiltrating their ranks.

Pack totem: Buzzard — a slow moving, yet graceful, large raptor, the totem of House Crescent Moon, taken in their honor. They gain +2 dice to Melee rolls and +1 Dexterity; they must never start a fight with another werewolf, a ban excluding Black Spiral Dancers, although this may now be a moot point.


The Daybreakers

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