The Green Lady

Chosen of Secrets


One of Morgaine and Marius’ more enigmatic adversaries, the ‘Green Lady’ (for they have no proper name by which to call her yet) is a lovely blonde woman, with a confident bearing, a crooked smile, and a curious outfit of greenish leather straps that wrap around her as if they were one long piece — which they may be.


The Green Lady first appeared in Morgaine’s dreams, to communicate with her, apparently to try to convert Morgaine to her cause. Describing the Earth as a broken Creation, a shell of its former self in need of a mercy-killing, Morgaine of course rejected the lady’s pitch — taking her for a subordinate of the Black Man.

Later, after Marius and Morgaine’s attempt to raise the ‘Sky Island’ containing the LHC supercollider (and the surrounding area) for Czarina Vargo and the Sons of Ether, Morgaine has perhaps re-evaluated her earlier dismissal of the Lady. Apparently, it was her emerald countermagic that so easily, painfully shattered their ritual magick, nearly destroying the island, the Defiant, and her crew in the process.

Whatever the Green Lady’s true story, it’s evident that she really is like them — Chosen — capable of wielding the same vast power. It could be that the Black Man is her servant. But if hers is the greater power, what she has told them hints at truly ancient power. Perhaps her memories of the long-lost Creation came to her the same way Marius and Morgaine have learned of them, like flashes from a past life. Or, did she live in those ancient times, somehow enduring to see this final endgame in the battle for Creation?

The Green Lady

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