Tracy O'Connor

Order of Hermes, House Fortunae, Seattle chantry Herald


Nature: Rogue; Demeanor: Gallant; Essence: Dynamic

Str 2, Dex 4 (Lithe), Sta 3
Cha 3, Man 3, App 4 (Sexy)
Per 3, Int 3, Wit 3

Alertness 1, Athletics 3, Awareness 2, Brawl 1, Dodge 1, Expression 2, Intimidation 0, Leadership 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3
Crafts 0, Drive 2, Etiquette 1, Firearms 2, Meditation 1, Melee 1, Performance 3, Stealth 0, Survival 0, Technology 0
Academics 1, Computer 2, Cosmology 2, Enigmas 3, Investigation 1, Law 1, Linguistics 2, Medicine 0, Occult 3, Science 2

Correspondence 3, Entropy 3, Forces 3
Life 0, Matter 0, Mind 3
Prime 2, Spirit 2, Time 1

Allies 1, Avatar 2, Contacts 2, Fame 1, Library 3, Mentor 1, Resources 2
Arete 4, Quintessence 5, Paradox 0, Willpower 8
Resonance: (Dynamic) Random 2, (Static) Calculating 1


Tracy grew up in Silicon Valley, raised by the stunning wife of an up-and-coming dot-com CEO. She’s in her early twenties now. She witnessed the results of fortune and fame on both of her parents. Her trophy-wife mom left most of the child-rearing to nannies and babysitters until Tracy’s parents divorced. She never enjoyed the high life of her mother and father, as it seemed to destroy their home life, and the divorce drove home the point.

Tracy inherited her father’s drive to learn and work hard at school, although she had no particular goal in mind. Mathematics was always a breeze for her. Geometry, trig, calculus all fell into line, but becoming a math teacher didn’t sound very interesting. In college on a math major, she dabbled in sports that allowed her to put her talents to use, and abuse. Card sharking in Vegas was tough, but she found pool (billiards) and liked it. It didn’t hurt that the crowd ate up the sight of her gorgeous figure at the pool table, and she played with an exhibitionist flair.

Tracy combined her math skills with psychological games, seeking greater truths in the game that she imagined were there. She dropped out of college to devote her time to pool-sharking. This ended in a most interesting game with a recruiter from House Fortunae, who not only beat her, he effortlessly led Tracy through a complex cryptogram on the table itself. The game was enough to Awaken her.

In the Seattle area, she and her Thig partner, Quinton Kendrick, worked the Hermetic recruitment angle at the local universities, searching for likely additions to the Order. It was while Quint was at the university downtown that Morgan and Joshua’s final reckoning with the local Technocrats came, and Quint died in the explosion of the spirit-killing neutron bomb.

The knowledge of Quint’s death and certain Gilgul as well left Tracy burning with grief and resentment, and she blamed Joshua for it. Morgan and the other chantry mages caught on to it, though, before the anger could overwhelm her. She’s still not fond of the renegade Hermetic, but learned to recognize that he wasn’t the cause of all of the chance occasions that have brought the world to the brink of destruction.

She took up a new job, one that often keeps her away from Seattle; she serves as the chantry’s Herald. And although it keeps the conflicts in Seattle out of her hair, Tracy instead contends with will-workers from all over America in her travels. She does her best to answer questions and provide guidance to those mages who are curious or seek to follow the example of Joshua and the Seattle chantry.

Her Word is Delta: the act of changing the world, or perhaps just noticing the changes that others miss. Her Avatar manifests as a ball — cue ball, tennis ball, whatever. Always moving, bouncing, always going somewhere. It often takes her places in dreams, and she’s learned to watch for it.
Common foci: math, geometry, physics, probability; cryptograms, arcane language
Merit: Lightning Calculator

Tracy O'Connor

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