Empyrean Guarantor of Providence

Morgaine's powered combat armor


A 25-foot tall armored monstrosity, constructed of adamant and white jade (Earth-aspected), with starmetal incorporated into the wings. It’s piloted from a small, spherical cockpit inside the chest, where the pilot straps into a chair suspended in the middle of the space. Instead of the First and Second Age magitech controls, Apollo employed sensitive psionic sensors to allow the pilot to animate the armor by force of will, with a set of manual controls as backup.

Although the muted feedback within the armor may result in a somewhat clumsy armored titan, the Empyrean’s “little god” offsets most of the mobility penalties. The armor is nominally self-aware, possessing an animating intelligence or “least god” as the Jadeborn may call the process, a sort of spiritual awakening via First Age magitech. The AI’s elaborate name in an ancient tongue translates roughly into Celestial Battlesworn Servitor, although Morgaine has taken to calling it Thunder Child for short.

Wings extend and retract as needed from the shoulders, functioning as essence (or ether) collectors. Turbines in the back and feet of the armor propel it at high speed. Apollo expects impressive ground speed, and a subsonic flight profile in atmosphere, with better speed and maneuverability in Etherspace.


Knowing the preferences and fighting style of his eccentric aunt and uncle, Apollo had the Jadeborn construct them elaborate and enormous suits of armor for the expected final battles with the forces from the Red Star. Morgan’s armor is not as armored, bulky or as strong, but it is supremely fast and agile, more than capable of running (or flying) rings around her targets as she slices them to bits with the armor’s daiklave or sword.

The armor is also equipped with a spear capable of projecting flame in long-range streamers or short-range fans of searing fire, for when a sword alone is not enough.

Empyrean Guarantor of Providence

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