The Last Remaining Light

Silver Fang Redemption
A story of the Apocalypse

One of the main story elements at present is the fallen and disgraced state of the Silver Fangs, a state of shame and despair mirrored by the cabal’s companion, Mari Cabrah, once-packmate to the last King of the Fangs.

From Morgan and Joshua’s perspective, the story began with the arrival of Ghost-Shadow. The lupus Black Spiral Theurge had been tasked with corrupting a number of will-workers, including Joshua, via Bane possession. But before Ghost could go through with it, he saw his dark Father’s betrayal for what it was — the Silver Fangs were routing Black Spiral Pits and Hives, and the Wyrm’s forces stood back and let the BSDs perish. So instead, Ghost spurned the Wyrm and betrayed its plans to the very wizard he had intended to corrupt. Strangely, the Marauder did not take this information and then execute the Black Spiral on the spot. He tolerated the wolf’s presence, though frequently putting Ghost-Shadow in his place. Corrupt as he was, Ghost desired revenge most of all, and so he was permitted to assist them.

Although it seemed not to be a mission for a mage and a vampire to tackle, the disaster in the making was too much to ignore. The situation was dire: the Silver Fangs had done…something with their tribal totem, Falcon…some deal gone wrong. The Falcon Incarna, they learned, had fled into the depths of the Umbra, perhaps abandoning the entire Tellurian. Even after learning this much of what happened, there was the matter of catching up with the great Falcon spirit. Joshua’s intuitive understanding of the Umbra and Ghost-Shadow’s long experience as a Theurge picked through the alternatives — the Defiant, too slow; the Stargazers’ spirit-orrery would work, but it was unlikely they could gain access; the Flux Realm, unpredictable in its effects. They settled on the Null Zone, the ‘backdrop of reality,’ perhaps a layer behind the Umbra where time and space lose meaning. Risky, but it would work, if done right.

Just entering the Null Zone was a challenge, even for such experienced Umbral travelers. Getting there is usually the result of a mistake. Navigating it was worse — a process of intuition, of clarity and focused thought to have any hope of seeking out a destination. The timeless, seemingly aimless journey ate away at their one tool, concentration, a focused mind. The three travelers learned a terrible secret about the nature of the Null Zone during their trip, one that nearly drove Joshua further into a raging, reality-breaking Quiet. But when they emerged from it, to find the great silver Falcon winging by…

It’s not often that anyone musters the nerve to argue with an Incarna. Even one that seemed terribly wrong, both for its mistaken hubris in granting the Silver Fangs a boon of clarity of mind, and for fleeing in shame after witnessing the result. Even a master of Spirit magick knows his limits; it wasn’t Joshua’s words that turned Falcon from his path. The spirits whisper of that day, the day Whiptongue earned her name. Though a Gangrel vampire, Morgan understood nobility and duty through her path of Chivalry, and perhaps Falcon needed a stinging reminder. The conversation was…unpleasant, and Morgan, Joshua, and Ghost-Shadow were all fortunate to walk away with their lives.

It wasn’t right, in one sense, of Falcon to renege on a boon fairly earned by his subjects. But great Falcon did take his gift of clarity back from the Silver Fangs. He did not intervene on their behalf directly again, having seen the foolishness of that road by now. Instead, it was the travelers that stopped him who took action. Gifted with a feather from Phoenix to make a speedy trip home (and away from the surly, shamed Incarna), they used the feather to take them to the Silver Fangs’ King instead of a safe haven. There, in one of the strongest Pits of the Black Spirals that remained, they found the Fangs being routed by the last and strongest of the Spirals. The clarity of the Fangs’ purpose had left them, perhaps just when it was needed most. They found the King, Albrecht, already mortally wounded.

The spirits whisper of that day, the day Scarred-Arm earned his name. He challenged Green Dragon’s favorite, Zhyzhak, fresh from her victory against Jonas Albrecht. Joshua took the strike of her Devilwhip around his arm — though mangled and later scarred, he did not lose it to her strength. Instead, he neutralized it, lifting Zhyzhak from the ground with telekinesis. Even Ghost-Shadow acquitted himself well for a tainted werewolf, ambushing and gutting Nhaukh, Zhyzhak’s ‘prophet.’ Perhaps Nhaukh’s death broke some spell on her, but Joshua pulled her close and then rent Zhyzhak’s life Pattern asunder, not giving her a chance to rip his arm off.

As for Morgan, her words shamed Falcon’s tribe as well. Their choices had led them to the brink of service to the Wyrm. They had escaped their fate and ripped out the heart of the Black Spiral Dancers, but at the cost of their Gaian purity, their pride, and their King’s life. Spirit broods carried word of the Leech’s stinging words, a mad wizard’s spells, and a Black Spiral turncoat. They had all earned notoriety among the Garou Nation.

The Silver Fangs were sent packing, the remnants retreating to tribal lands and caerns to stay there…not leading the Nation rocked by the unfolding Apocalypse, in need of leadership. Others, notably the Margrave Yuri Konietzko, have risen up in their absence. For his part, Joshua left it at that, more interested in his own quest to restore Morgan than in fixing the broken pride of some tribe of Lupines.

Since that time, it’s come back to haunt them. The Margrave came calling, looking to put these infamous non-shifters to work on a thankless, hopeless task, to get the Fangs back in the fight…subservient to the Margrave and the Shadow Lords, of course. Morgan, looking to make a deal, an alliance, is looking to make it work. Perhaps some guilt, over not finishing what they’d started with the Silver Fangs, is what motivates Joshua.


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