Ancient History

Marius Schachter was born in 1922 and raised in rural Germany, near the city of Magdeburg. Strange and sometimes tragic events haunted his path from the very beginning. His parents were killed under mysterious circumstances on his first birthday, while they were on a rare trip into the city.

He was taken to live with relatives on a small farm, and his childhood years were turbulent ones, separating one great world war from another. As he grew up, he was protected from the growing power of the Nazis, but the unusual events that took place during his infancy had not gone unnoticed. His future mentor discovered him as a result of that sad night, and decided to take him away from Germany before the nascent war claimed him. Although very few people know Marius, aka Joshua Mayworth, well enough to know his birth name, it suggests why the Order took him out of the country.

Shortly after the Night of Long Knives, Marius was abducted by his mentor and other Order mages in 1934. In such ways did he become acquainted with the ways of the Order of Hermes, specifically House Tytalus. The purposely stressful experience Awakened his powerful Avatar in the Horizon Realm where he would spend his formative years as an apprentice mage, starting at the young age of twelve…not the typical apprenticeship one expects of the Order.

Demetrius le Marchant, Marius’ mentor, had been watching the boy for some time. The power of his Avatar was hard to miss; he fairly radiated the newly awakened power that had lain dormant within his soul. He also possessed a certain aura of destiny about him, and for these reasons, he was brought into the Order of Hermes…or perhaps it would be better said as brought back into the Order.

He would not discover these ties to his past life, also a Hermetic wizard, until much later in his life. At first, Demetrius was content to leave it a mystery to the young boy, and simply teach him the things a proper mage of the Order should know. He found Marius to be an apt pupil, with a gift for learning the wide variety of languages, both written and spoken, which were required learning for all Hermetic willworkers. In time, he was ready to be taught the secret language of Enochian, which he uses to this day.

While Marius was being taught, World War II raged on throughout the material world, but he missed it due to the long process of training and maturation required by the Order. Not long after the war’s conclusion, he was freed to join a Cabal of Tytalans. They began their work in America on the west coast, the year 1946. And when he joined the new cabal, Nil Desperandum, he took the craft name Joshua Mayworth.

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Ancient History

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