Glastonbury Tor extras

Glastonbury townsfolk

Elaine Reed: One of Violet Harrowgate’s grandchildren, a trusted Acolyte who worked in the town, part of the tourism aspect of the Tor. She often met the curious and the scientifically minded explorers to head off unwelcome incursions, and she can call the chantry if they should expect trouble. After the devastating Nephandi assault on the Tor, Elaine has lost her daughter Branwen, and taken in the Bromwiches’ children, Rhiannon, James, and Alwyn (“Al” or “Albert”), who were raised as much in the grotto as in the nearby town.

The lost

Brighde le Fay: The Tor’s high priestess, steeped in the history and lore of the Verbena and the Aeduna and Wyck that came before them, Brighde in a way represented what Morgan could have been, and what she could yet achieve in her new life. The Welsh firebrand reluctantly agreed to allow the mad wizard Joshua to perform his soul-restoring ritual there, after testing Morgan and Joshua with quests to the Seasonal Realms. She saw them as the reincarnations of Arthurian legend, although it was never quite clear to her precisely which ones she, or they, represented. Brighde stayed behind to defend the chantry when the Black Man struck, and paid for it with her life and her soul.

Sandra Ironwood: An ornery blue-haired Scot, Sandra was the chantry’s warder and protector, and the only Tor witch with any interest in modern technology. She kept the Tor in touch with the outside world, maintaining a minimal power supply and wireless and satellite signals for as long as they lasted. It was only natural that she was one of the casualties when the Nephandi came to Glastonbury.

Branwen Reed: One of Violet’s ‘grandchildren,’ and a gifted youngster with a talent for storm magicks. She trained in warding techniques with Sandra, and her penchant for Forces made her good backup in a fight. It also explains what she was doing in the Tor when the Nephandi struck. She, along with Brighde and Sandra, were killed, Embraced by a vampire ally of the Black Man, staked and left for Morgan and Joshua to find.

Christopher Newstead: the captain of the local constabulary, contact and ally of the Tor chantry. Not a pagan himself, he nevertheless was close to the Tor witches and with the mundane Christian church on the site. He was found in the underground grotto, having given his life in defense of the chantry.

Charles and Rachel Bromwich: Sometime residents of Glastonbury and the Tor, the Acolytes assisted head warder Sandra in maintaining the Tor grounds. The Bromwiches raised their children among the witches of the Tor, and they came to the chantry’s defense when the Black Man came to Glastonbury.

Arthur Stonegate: A Quiet-prone Criamon who insisted on staying at Glastonbury several months ago, claiming that the Enigma had led him there. His divinations, far-ranging ones, had become nearly impossible to perform successfully in modern times, but he saw signs of the end everywhere. By the time he’d arrived at the Tor, he was practically an invalid, and spent time exploring in astral form, having mastered Mind magick. But he was waiting for Joshua, for the man who walks in the Enigma, and for the powerful Destiny he saw coming to Glastonbury. Arthur may have been a contemporary or even a companion of Demetrius le Marchant, Joshua’s mentor. Although he was able to pass on some of his insights, he did not live to see the rite of the slain king’s enactment.

Garou guardians: Ever since the time of the rite of the slain king performed in Glastonbury, werewolves from the Garou Nation, sent by Margrave Konietzko, have been in the area fighting vampires and prowling for other threats. Two packs were left in the area around the Tor, tasked with watching over it and cleaning up leftover vampire activity in the nearby towns and cities. They made repeated forays into Cardiff and Newport, cities across the harbor from the Tor, which were taken over by vampires and used as staging areas for attacks on the Tor. Although it was never quite confirmed, it was strongly suspected that the Giovanni Clan was responsible for the attacks, timed to interfere with the Verbena ritual.

The second, small pack of Fianna were recalled back to the Margrave’s war in central and eastern Europe, and Carleson Ruah’s pack perished fighting the Nephandi when the Black Man came to Glastonbury.

The Margrave’s liaison: Carleson Ruah (H/R/SL, pack leader); Syntax (H/R/GW); No’iri’n Ni’ Dhonaill (H/A/F); Storm-from-the-Sea (L/G/F) — Carleson and his pack have met the Tor witches and with Morgan; they acquired a TV news satellite van from a CNN crew that was reporting on the situation in Glastonbury before the crew were lost in the attack. Morgan may still remember a similar crew stopping them in Vienna, just after the destruction of the Tremere Clan.
Fianna pack: Sian Cafferell (H/A/F); Doug McLeod (H/P/F); Ellie Shannon (H/G/F) — a small pack of lower-ranked Fianna sent to Glastonbury to back up Carleson and his packmates, the young Ahroun Sian at least has met with Morgan and Joshua and some of the Tor Verbena.

Glastonbury Tor extras

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