Ground Zero


Ground Zero began as an act of rebellion against the apocalypse, built seemingly on hallowed ground, where a low-yield neutron bomb was detonated, leveling much of the downtown area of Seattle. In spite of the anger and grief of survivors, in spite of the worries over radiation exposure, cancer…Joshua spent the fortune he had amassed working for the Camarilla in Kansas City, with the idea that in short order that fortune would have been meaningless anyway. Besides, Joshua had himself lost friends to the bomb, and as a semi-stable Marauder at the time, he certainly wasn’t of ‘right mind’ when he chose the almost blasphemous name for the club.

Originally, it was intended to stand as his own personal Arx Hermeticus. To the vampires in Seattle who believed him a Tremere and alleged anarch, it was to be the new chantry-house, after an earlier act of terrorism had nearly annihilated the House and Clan in the city. In the end, it was neither: Joshua’s little masquerade as one of the Kindred ended when Tremere himself came calling, and when fate drove them to Glastonbury Tor, their friends were left with this Hermetic fortress.

Morgan and Joshua’s Awakened allies included a handful of elder master technomages rescued from the Sojourn Station out in the Deep Umbra, and a number of his peers, friends and students of friends, and the odd hangers-on who were attracted to the chantry or to the cause. One of the technomages, the old-school cyberpunk Terpsichore, set up the advanced electronics of the nightclub, the face of the chantry. And when Morgan and Joshua were forced to move on, leaving the chantry in their hands, that same technology infested the subterranean levels built for the Awakened who really owned the place.

Ground Zero

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