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Bit parts: minor NPCs from the chronicle

Glastonbury Tor extras: acolytes, Garou guardians and more

Wookey: the Hollow One guardians of the One True History

Seattle: other supernatural denizens of the area, past and present

Miscellany: others you’ve met along the way

The Hell’s Gate Protectorate: Canadian stronghold of the Get of Fenris

The New Horizon Council: The last Tradition Council, perhaps; a Council expanded to include the Technocracy, against their common enemies.

Ancient History: Page one of seemingly ancient character history, and so on.

Ground Zero: the Traditionalist mage chantry in Seattle

The Lands Beneath Creation: Theories abound about the nature of this realm, but it may hold the keys to stopping seismic activity that threatens to end most life on the planet

Wounded Warriors: A little aside, a bump in the road

Ænema: Another missing piece of the puzzle

The Last Remaining Light: One once-possible future

A Delicate Sense of Balance: An epilogue

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Main Page

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