Kenemti em-Kharis

The Gangrel first earned the ire of the enigmatic magician during a misadventure concerning an ancient, magic amulet. After dealing with rival Setites, Assamites, and worse, the amulet ended up in the hands of the Gangrel caught in the middle, and from there it was given to Joshua for safekeeping.

Kenemti, one of the Shemsu-Heru who fell from grace centuries ago, was caught up in the conflict simply out of hubris: one of his enchanted amulets had been stolen, and he wanted it back. Losing the contest over the trinket gave him second thoughts about how he spent eternity, however, and he became curious about the ones who kept the amulet. And just as Awakened magick uses connections for scrying, Kenemti used the amulet as his link to watch them.

Some years later, the rare and ancient race of mummies were joined by a new wave of Amenti, and Kenemti’s change of heart was enough to give him a second chance as one of their revered Imkhu. Overcoming the sense of hubris and obsession with trivialities that had come to dominate his unending existence, in turn his anger toward the Gangrel and the upstart wizard that held his amulet turned to admiration. Through the amulet, his observation allowed him to witness their battles against corruption.

In the end, when it came time for the Amenti to give everything they had in the fight to restore balance, Kenemti chose them to be his inheritors. His knowledge of alchemy and the soul — ancient lore, much more than the fragmented knowledge preserved in the Order of Hermes — was the breakthrough they needed to complete Morgan’s ritual of resurrection. And in return, they helped hold off the Followers of Set until the Amenti could complete their ritual, reinforcing the tattered Shroud with the mummies’ souls, sealing off the Shadowlands.

Some few members of the cult of Isis remain in the wake of this spiritual devastation. A single, ancient, well-hidden mastabah contains Kenemti’s knowledge gathered over millenia, along with his properly mummified khat. And of his two Assamite retainers, Nasir al-Khattab and Abul-Fath al-Walid, one survived the self-destruction of the Assamite clan. One night, when Morgan and Joshua need it, Nasir may well return to aid them again. Then again, if the ritual reinforcing the Shroud should fail…that may be why Kenemti’s last request was that his body be preserved.

Morihei High-Mountain


Morihei, as a Stargazer, has enough of a story just being in the West, although it’s a story that went largely untold during his brief time with the Defiant’s crew. He is knowledgeable of Garou legend, and in his time has been in some stories entered into the Silver Record himself. But not all Stargazers answered the call, to join the oriental Beast Courts and leave the Garou Nation to its fate. He had always considered the sept in Central Park his true home.

He was among those caught up in the violence in New York City — a caern guardian who was incapacitated and battle-scarred by the final fight. Banes, Cainites and Nephandi were tasked with the deaths of Morgan and Joshua, after their presence there was discovered.

With the caern lost, no survivors to hold and preserve it, Morihei struck out with Mari. He is a ‘late changer’ who has himself endured Harano after accidentally killing his own wife and child when he changed. He understands all too well the crushing despair that afflicts Mari, and he hopes to bring her out of it. Their quest to redeem the Silver Fangs could be just the thing.

While Morihei tried to help Mari shake off her deep despair, and served as a mentor to the young Silver Fang cub Alicia, it was his death that did the most to rouse Mari from her perpetual gloom. Not long after the pair of Garou got to know the new cub, Morgan and Joshua took the Defiant into Europe in search of some lost Silver Fangs. In the process, they drew the attention of the Maeljin Lord Steel, the one Incarna who has met them previously. Inhabiting the shell of the Nosferatu clan founder, Lord Steel showed up when they lingered too long in rescuing the Silver Fangs, and in the ensuing fight many Garou died, including Morihei.

As the friendly Stargazer and storyteller had befriended Alicia more than Mari, the cub took his death hard. And her grief was a mirror for Mari, an unpleasant one to be sure. And so to deny the cub the chance to go down her path, Mari seems intent on getting off the path of Harano herself.

Tamara Tvarivich

Tamara tvarivich

A Queen of the Silver Fangs, Tamara led the Russian Fangs through the difficult time behind Baba Yaga’s Shadow Curtain. Her role in the Silver Fangs’ downfall some time later, alongside King Albrecht, ended any notion of ambition for herself personally…not to mention the tribe as a whole.

As the unfortunate bearer of the Silver Crown after Albrecht died, however, Morgan’s plan to bring the Fangs back into the fight of necessity went through Russia. But while Joshua learned more about the tribe and they tracked down allies to help them with Queen Tvarivich, the forces of the Wyrm were not idle. After causing catastrophic meltdowns of nuclear plants across western Russia, the Maeljin Lord Kerne, riding the shell of the Tzimisce Antediluvian, fixed his sights on Tamara’s ancestral home sept.

Morgan and Joshua had only a brief time to get acquainted with the Silver Fang queen, but in that time Tamara seemed to have learned well enough how to handle the rogue wizards. She insisted that they assist her in the attack on Lord Kerne and his army of Wyrm monstrosities, vampires and Nephandi. And, perhaps indicative of the Harano gripping the tribe and the Garou Nation, Tamara chose to take on the Maeljin Lord, making her death and the deaths of all her tribe-mates that joined her inevitable.

Rather than admit to this plan, however, Tamara lied about it — taking responsibility for her kamikaze scheme to the grave. After all of the friends and allies Joshua has lost, though, it remains to be seen if that gesture will assuage his sense of guilt.


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