The Hell's Gate Protectorate

The Get of Fenris Hell’s Gate Protectorate is centered around the small town of Spuzzum, extending up the Fraser Canyon to the north, and as far as Chilliwack to the south and west. The Homids and Kinfolk living in Chilliwack have taken control of the local Canadian Army base, giving the Protectorate a substantial cache of much-needed resources.

Spuzzum is unique: it is the only town totally dominated by Garou and their Kinfolk. All the locals are either werewolves themselves, or directly related to werewolves. In addition, Stefan isn’t one to keep his Kin in the dark, so to speak; the Kinfolk of Spuzzum are completely aware of what is going on. Home to the Fimbulwinter Sept, at its peak the Sept numbered close to 40 true Garou and almost ten times that many Kinfolk. The numbers have diminished somewhat in these end times, but not by much. Although a few of the B.C. Get answered the Margrave’s call, most opted to remain in North America under the firm belief that British Columbia will be one of the main battlegrounds in the final war against the Wyrm.

Spuzzum acts as the supply depot and communications nexus for the Get of Fenris and their allies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Stefan Ewald “Tyr’s Hammer” Grand Elder of the Fimbulwinter Sept

In Homid form, Stefan Ewald looks like the stereotypical Viking raider. Aged around 50, he stands 6’6", with a build to match — his muscles have muscles. He has curly red hair and a beard. His blue eyes are as cold as glacial ice and are framed by a network of fine wrinkles. His skin is generally pale, although his cheeks will flush when his Rage is aroused. His voice is gruff, with strong traces of a Scandinavian accent. In Lupus form, Stefan is the archetypal Get: a huge gray Arctic wolf.

Powerful and terrifying (especially when his temper gets away from him), Stefan relishes a good fight and respects those with true warrior spirit. Normally taciturn, especially with strangers, he can be surprisingly personable and even jovial with those he deems “worthy” of his friendship.

Bjorn Ewald Kinfolk


Bjorn is Stefan’s brother, and runs the single truck stop in Spuzzum. His blood relationship to the sept’s Grand Elder makes Bjorn the de facto leader of the town’s Kinfolk. He and his two sons are skilled automotive mechanics.

The Hell's Gate Protectorate

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