Outside the small city of Wells in England, just a few miles from Glastonbury, a cabal of Hollow Ones purchased land in a nearby hamlet called Wookey. The land contains a network of caves, and the locals used to give tours of one such cavern, called Wookey Hole. The Hollowers use the caves as a private, underground sanctuary, where they keep an extensive library of historical documents and artworks in a protected, magically controlled environment. Tapestries, illuminations, personal journals and novels, musical compositions, paintings, selected church and government records are among the items preserved by the Wookeys.

The Wookeys are a mixture of Hollower factions; some are more active Social Terrorist Punks, ready to match threats with violence, while others are more the Incognito type, scholars and historians. The One True History is a means to preserve magick and its ‘real’ history from Techno propaganda and revisionist history. So long as the Wookeys hang on to credible sources and lost information, they can sabotage propaganda, foster curiosity and suspicion towards established authority…

Or at least, that’s what they were before civilization crumbled around them. Since that time, they’ve used their subterranean cave lair as a safe place not just for their collected historical library, but for themselves, making the best of ‘roughing it’ outside the cities, with occasional forays into the local towns for food and supplies.

When they heard of the grand Verbena ritual building just down the road in Glastonbury and of its success, the Hollowers scoffed at the Tor witches’ seeming obsession and focus on Arthurian legend. And so a certain history book was left like a present at the feet of their airship, the Defiant. Among the other stories from the book of Verbena history, they introduced Morgan to the legend of the Hooded Man, the Maid, and their Merrie Band, an ancient concept most popularized by Robin Hood and Marian, but dating back to long before them (Abelard and Heloise are another example, along with Lancelot and Guinevere). The Hooded Man of legend is known to be brave, tireless, and just — though not necessarily by society’s standard of justice. and the Maid stands for beauty, virtue, strength and honor — she is that which lifts and inspires her man to greatness.

They are pagan exemplars of the Horned God and the Mother, and each pair calls to them a band of thirteen witches, often lovers of music, art, revelry, verse and jest. Morgan has taken this legend to heart more than the stories of the Fisher King, Merlin and Nimue that the Tor witches favor. The motley assemblage of mages and lupines starting to crowd up their ship seems to meet with her approval as their ‘merrie band.’ Even Joshua may prefer this story to being thought of as a reincarnation of Merlin, and he’s taken to wearing a boonie hat with a wide enough brim to cast a shadow over his face. It may be that sense of rough justice not quite meeting with society’s approval, or it may be how often Morgan coaxes him to apply it more honorably than he otherwise would — Joshua has never been a fan of a fair fight.

Morgan has met the Wookey Hollowers a few times now. She knows the men, Jack (Skellington) Jones, Callum Ravensdale and Oliver Tillinghast, as their muscle and primary defense; and the women, Ivy Blackwell, Charlotte Watson and Natasha Lovelace, as the specialists in more esoteric applications of Hollow magick.

The Wookeys include among their number some few goth-punks, the scroungers who scout and explore, find and steal supplies for them (Jack, Callum and Oliver); a former specialist in the Shadowlands, whose talents for finding and at times bringing back destroyed records and artifacts have been reduced greatly by the renewed Shroud (Natasha); a diviner, best at searching out forgotten history with Correspondence and Time (Charlotte); and a specialist in restoring damaged antiques and collectibles (Ivy).


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