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News correspondence from the end of the world

Former CNN reporter Siobhan Darrow has joined the crew of the Defiant as an embedded reporter of sorts. While Morgan sees value in permitting this Sleeper the chance to document their activities, to report on what they fight to what’s left of the world, Joshua feels responsible for another death that hasn’t even happened yet. But the Sleeper journalist is determined to at least understand the apocalypse before it claims her — as it most likely will.

Kathy Anderson, NWO Watcher, has supplied the reporter with recording equipment and a little swarm of autonomous drones to help document her stories. And Geist, of the Virtual Adepts in Seattle and administrator of the Ground Zero chantry, has chipped in server access and a computer that connects and broadcasts on the ‘packet radio’ network, cobbled together when most global telecommunication systems broke down.

Darrow’s postings, perhaps thanks to Joshua’s off-putting demeanor, appear on the network under the tagline I’ll Most Likely Kill You in the Morning, with audio and video cheekily broadcasted by the Virtual Adepts over the packet radio network under WTOJ.


A point in history: November, 1998.
Johannesburg, South Africa:

Banking Center Bombed
Today in Johannesburg the VERGA Corp corporate banking center was bombed and
moderately damaged. It is believed the attack was from former ANK members
dissatisfied with the recent findings of the Truth and Reconcilliation
Committee. The banking center coordinates the funds for several South
African Companies. THere were seven injured in the blast and one fatality. A
Mr Joshua Mayforth, who was there on a corporate security review.
Authorities are still investigating the bombing and believe they will have
suspects apprehended within the week.

I’ve been told that this VERGA Corp was linked to an obscure financial cartel known as the Ventrue. More recently, revelations about these Ventrue suggest the vampire hunter has some history with the object of his hunt. Was this historical footnote a setup, a betrayal? Or a coverup for one of the vampires’ human agents?

Friday September 19, 2003
International Authorities Investigating Mysterious ‘Ventrue’ Cartel
VENICE, ITALY—A mysterious group of individuals known as “The Ventrue” has been the cause of much consternation in the global finance community recently. Although members of this hidden cabal are unknown, a rival bloc of anonymous financiers believed to be centered in Venice recently issued a communiqué to numerous national trade and securities commissions that outlined a list of actions these “Ventrue” might take. Many of these tips turned out to be true, and projected benefits to the “Ventrue” (using hypothesized numbers) have been significant.

The vampires’ cloak of secrecy had begun to fray in autumn of last year. And in the wake of an apparent act of terrorism, there is a sighting most remember. Still, the dots were not connected.

[A shaky video clip from the devastated streets of Seattle, after the bomb, neighborhoods near downtown are ablaze. Rioting and gunfire as the survivors panic. Amid the chaos, a man stands on a rooftop, ducking to avoid gunfire. Then he stands, hands stretched up to the sky, gesturing as the sky opens up with a downpour, snuffing out some of the fire. Cheering from the onlookers.]

At the time, no one made the connection between this poor quality video and the first new construction in the zone flattened by the low-yield, neutron bomb. No sooner had the area been tentatively cleared of danger for radiation exposure, than this most unusual nightclub, Ground Zero, was planted there. Later, when anonymous hackers crashed the Microsoft website, they replaced it — for a very short while — with their reconstruction and alleged enhancement of the Seattle video.

The footage most remember came from Vienna, and signaled the end of the conspiracies, the secrecy.

November, 2003.
Vienna, Austria:
[With unfortunate clarity, a live CNN news feed from Vienna captures a vast complex of centuries-old buildings going up in flames, with an awful red glow emanating from the center of the conflagration. Gargoyles are recorded winging up into the sky. The moon is tinted red by a new star in the sky. The view shifts suddenly as lightning flashes off-camera, capturing Morgan supporting Joshua as they retreat from the disaster.]

Alessio Vinci: Hello? Alessio Vinci, CNN…can you explain what’s happened here? Do you have anything to say?
Morgan: A bunch of idiots blew themselves up. What does it LOOK like happened here?
Vinci: Yes, but…those, ah… Looked like…they flew? And the light, is it nuclear? Should the public evacuate the city?
Morgan: You can tell your viewers those are demons from Hell, and that’s what the glow is… hellfire! It’s not nuclear, but they might want to escape the city all the same. Hell is coming, the Apocalypse is here! Is that what you wanted? Will that fit your damned soundbytes?
Joshua: Open your eyes and look at what’s going on here…-wake up,- will you?

Although they had been prepared for another terrorist attack after Seattle, no one was ready for what became of Vienna. Alessio Vinci, a fellow foreign correspondent with CNN and a close friend of mine, died with his crew, broadcasting to a stunned world the outbreak of what seemed to be accurately called Hell, the Apocalypse.

News feeds broadcast from what once was downtown Seattle, frequently cut off by interference, but enough of it gets out. The eagle-ship touches down one night, and the cloak of secrecy is broken. The world watched what happened next.

December, 2003.
[Video footage of the night of Haqim’s attack in Seattle. Buildings surrounding the club are destroyed, some brought down by fire and lightning, clearly Joshua’s work. They’re recorded standing in front of the club, with Ghost-Shadow in full Crinos and Morgan exhorting the crowd, brandishing a sword that glows with purplish flame. Morgan and her old Gangrel pals hurry to rush the milling crowd inside, as a poisonous green cloud drifts in from the harbor, and Joshua stays outside to take it on personally. A news chopper captures Haqim and Joshua’s battle from a distance, while a news crew on foot broadcasts from inside Ground Zero as elder Assamites assault it. In the aftermath, a reporter briefly talks to Joshua, then Morgan.]

Reporter: Sir, do you have any statement to offer about what just happened here? Was someone else responsible for that cloud? Were you speaking in…Arabic? What did it mean?
Joshua: Thought he’d understand that. Koran, chapter 82. Look it up.
[After he leaps up to the rooftop and the Defiant, Ghost-Shadow in his rough-hewn homid form, warns the news crew not to follow.]

Reporter: Ma’am, do you have any other statement for the press? Everyone here would like to know why this has just happened. Did you bring this disaster to the city?
Morgan: Or do we appear when disaster is about to strike?
Reporter: If you’d like to explain these disasters, we’re here to listen to what you have to say. Although our live feed was shut off…I think our van was destroyed. We can still record your statement and broadcast it for all the world.
Morgan: Do you read the Bible?
Reporter: Of course, don’t we all? But the two of you don’t look…like you’re from the middle east. There’s some special reason you chose the Koran, isn’t there?
Morgan: It was apropos. We could just as easily have chosen the Book of Revelations.
Reporter: I’m afraid I haven’t studied the Koran. Could you explain why this particular chapter was meaningful tonight? What was that out there…do you know?
Morgan: [Reciting first in classical Arabic, then in English] “Most surely the righteous are in bliss, And most surely the wicked are in burning fire, They shall enter it on the day of judgment. And they shall by no means be absent from it.” The gates of Hell have opened, and evil is loosed upon the world. It takes many guises, many forms. This one took the form of Iblis.
Reporter: So, you’re saying this is the end of the world. Is all of this happening according to your plan? Everyone has seen the footage from Vienna, and after the bomb, here…but no one understands your role in this. I don’t mean to keep you, but we would like to understand!
Morgan: Things are happening according to their own plan, not ours. As for our role… to many we are pariah. But the Sleepers are the key, the answer, the future. We protect them… even from our own kind, if need be.

Brief sightings follow, with more glimpses of the pair taken in Cairo, in Nuremberg. All while the Red Death took its toll and civilization crumbled around us. What were they doing? What narrative ties these events together? They say it will be the death of me, but we’ll see.

Blogging the End Times

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